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VWCC has a new, more secure acces to VDI desktops

These steps show you how to connect to your VDI desktop using Microsoft MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). You will have to switch to this method of access right away, because our old authentication process using the Symantec VIP app will be retired permanently on August 20, 2020 and will be replaced by this free feature included with our Microsoft Office 365 license. The biggest advantage of using this app if you have been enabled for it is that you will not have to type in an authentication code and login a second time to access your desktop. Here are the steps:

The instructions assume that you are off-campus and are using a computer or laptop which you will use to access your remote VDI desktop and do not already have the VMWare client installed. If you already have the client, skip to the next step. Open your web browser of choice and go to https://remote.virginiawestern.edu. You should see a screen like the one on the below.

Click on the option to Install VMWare Horizon Client. This will take you to the VMWare software download page like the one shown below with options to install the VMWare Horizon client on your computer. Pick the one appropriate for your computer (i.e. Windows or Mac) and download and run the software to install it on the computer. You might have to reboot the computer to complete the install.

The rest of the instructions assume that you are on a Windows 10 computer. After the software is installed, you should see the icon for the application on your desktop. If not, click on the Windows icon on the lower left of your screen (or on the Windows key on your keyboard) and type VMWare to bring up the client entry and click on the selection to start it.

If this is the first time you are using it, the empty Horizon client screen will open as shown below on the left. If, however, you have used the Horizon Client before, you will have other server icons on the window and need to click on the New Server option on the top left and follow the instructions below

Click on the Add Server icon and type in remote.virginiawestern.edu and click on Connect. Your default browser window will open up, ask you to accept the disclaimer and ask you if you want to open the connection using the Horizon client. Click accept and check the box saying that you want this to be the default, so it wouldn’t ask you the next time. That’s all you need to do as the VDI client will use your Office 365 credentials to log you in, as you normally do when using the other Office applications. You can close the browser window once you are connected.

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